I am a Ghanaian. I love kenkey. But most foreigners can’t seem to grasp the fact that we love food that is fermented.

Let me give you a brief about kenkey.

Kenkey is a Ghanaian staple made from maize. The maize from the husk is dried, then soaked in water for a few days, and the milled into maize dough.

To make really good kenkey, the maize is left to ferment. for about 3 days. This fermented dough is also used to make a lot of good foods like my personal favorite, Banku (with Grilled tilapia).

To the people of Kenya who have a lot of meals made from unfermented maize dough, this process seems strange. The fermentation part i mean.

If you still remember your high school science, the fermentation process turns sugar into alcohol, in this case the starch in maize is turned to booze.

So kenkey for lunch on a work day simple means u get to drink on the job.

Cheers :)